Community Orchards for Resources and Education


Winnipeg-CORE (Community Orchards for Resources and Education) was registered on April 09, 2014 as a non-for-profit organization

Our Mission

Is to provide city wide enhancement and beautification on a multitude of levels by planting food bearing trees, shrubs and vines that offer wildlife and food; soil enhancement; water retention and free food to all residents of Winnipeg.


The First Downtown Demonstration Orchard For All Of Winnipeg...

Winnipeg-CORE's home base orchard will be located downtown situated at The Forks next to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR).  With a population nearing 700,000 as per the 2011 Canada Census, Winnipeg-CORE's initiative aims to benefit all the City of Winnipeg's residents on an everyday basis.


Our Four Pillars   C O R E

Winnipeg CORE is based on the following four pillars, with associated goals and objectives:

1. CTo Involve all Community

  • Establish city-wide orchards locations as learning tools
  • Encourage collaborations and involvement in project between city residents, churches, seniors’ groups, local food banks educational institutions, etc.
  • Establishment of local maintenance/harvesting team which may supply the Winnipeg Food Bank with fresh, local produce
  • Promote connection to and knowledge of local food sources and associated benefits

2. O - To use this Orchard as a demonstration site for many years to come

  • Promote and plant fruit bearing trees versus “decorative trees”, where feasible
  • Provision of wildlife shelter
  • Establish serene, aesthetically pleasing outdoor community gathering places
  • Beautification of city

3. R - Resources in providing free food each year for citizens and visitors of Winnipeg

  • Food security
  • Reduce “food miles” traveled due to rising transportation/fuel costs
  • Provide a source of fresh, high nutritional value foods
  • Encourage and enable healthier dietary habits

4. EEducation is to Involve the schools (youth involvement), churches, and garden communities that will help provide

           citizens a place to learn, grow, eat by enjoying nature together.

  • Promote the reconnection of citizens, and youth in particular, with natural food sources
  • Encourage youth to learn about local food sources and their advantages over trucked-in sources of food
  • Encourage young children to learn the natural process of growth and health
  • Encourage intergenerational interaction to promote learning about gardening and eating healthy food.
  • Provide a venue for adult learning with regard to fruit growing in Winnipeg
  • Provide ambassador opportunities for both students and adults through our programs


More about the founders…

The concept of Winnipeg-Core was originally a mere dream by founder and President, George Toth. George envisioned an organization that would be the catalyst for community orchard development throughout the City of Winnipeg, beginning with the “core” downtown area. George’s passion for Winnipeg-Core lies chiefly in education and the opportunity to re-establish our connection with nature and food production particularly for inner city youth. As a father of three children himself, George wishes to have these opportunities available to his own children and future generations. George is an avid gardener and spends much of his summer outside producing fruits and vegetables for his family.


Rob Spewak, co-founder and Vice President of Winnipeg Core, joined forces with George in 2011 to help establish the organization. George and Rob met as a result of their membership with the Mayor’s Environmental Advisory Committee (MEAC) for the City of Winnipeg. It was obvious that both George and Rob shared the same passion for environmental issues that affect all residents of the City of Winnipeg. Rob, also a father of two young children, has a passion for the provision of locally produced food and all of the benefits that it can bring. Rob believes that by learning to grow their own food, families will be brought closer together, connect with their neighbors, and empower themselves by being more self-sufficient.


George recommended to Rob to form a registered not-for-profit organization which George recommended an exceptionally seasoned secretary -Walt Nilsson; to also be part of the founding body and soul of the organization. Rob agreed and the organization CORE was therefor born.


Together, George and Rob, and Walt have the overall goal to establish Winnipeg Core as a key component of all of Winnipeg’s neighborhoods. The 4 key pillars that they wish to build Winnipeg-Core on include: city-wide beautification; education (youth); food security; and, community involvement. The founders of Winnipeg-Core believe that their efforts can help to improve the quality and life of all the citizens of Winnipeg.

George Toth

President, Chair

Board Of Directors...


Hugh Skinner

Vice President

John Russell


Walt Nilsson


Linda Yuan Zhou

Volunteer Coordinator

Ray DuBois

Orchard Technician

Signe Knutson

Director At Large

Ivan Arevalo


Contact Information

Phone:  204-295-0700


Office:  204-20 El Tassi Dr. Winnipeg, MB R3W0L4

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