We planted over 61+ fruit trees located at The Forks!

Introducing mason bees to The Forks Public Orchard

Planting peas and beans as a nitrogen fixer for fruit trees

In partnership and collaboration with The Forks  Winnipeg-CORE planted over 61+ fruit trees along with 80+ fruiting shrubs. This space was CORES first project in the City Of Winnipeg. The organizations goal is to plant and oversee the fruit trees planted for a few years until mature enough for our partners to continue caring for it. CORE hopes to continue planting more Orchards throughout Winnipeg for the public.

In 2015 Winnipeg-CORE donated a bunch of Mason Bees to The Forks Orchard. This pollination technique was never used before on any public orchard site in Winnipeg.  Watch our 2015 CORE Educational Video to learn more about Mason Bees! Keeping and having mason bees is a very unique and easy project you can also do in your garden to pollinate your trees and garden at home since these bees do not sting like honeybees.

For the first two years Winnipeg-CORE planted peas and beans into the soil around all the young fruit trees we planted. This provided a natural fertilizer for a much better quality root and tree growth. We used this technique as a natural and non-synthetic fertilizer giving the tree direct nutrition on demand. Anyone can use this method for all newly planted fruit trees at home.

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