More About The Founders

More about the founders…


The concept of Winnipeg Core was originally a mere dream by founder and President, George Toth. George envisioned an organization that would be the catalyst for community orchard development throughout the City of Winnipeg, beginning with the “core” downtown area. George’s passion for Winnipeg Core lies chiefly in education and the opportunity to re-establish our connection with nature and food production particularly for inner city youth. As a father of three children himself, George wishes to have these opportunities available to his own children and future generations. George is an avid gardener and spends much of his summer outside producing fruits and vegetables for his family.


Rob Spewak, co-founder and Vice President of Winnipeg Core, joined forces with George in 2011 to help establish the organization. George and Rob met as a result of their membership with the Mayor’s Environmental Advisory Committee (MEAC) for the City of Winnipeg. It was obvious that both George and Rob shared the same passion for environmental issues that affect all residents of the City of Winnipeg. Rob, also a father of two young children, has a passion for the provision of locally produced food and all of the benefits that it can bring. Rob believes that by learning to grow their own food, families will be brought closer together, connect with their neighbors, and empower themselves by being more self-sufficient.


Together, George and Rob have the overall goal to establish Winnipeg Core as a key component of all of Winnipeg’s neighborhoods. The key pillars that they wish to build Winnipeg Core on include: city-wide beautification; education (youth); food security; and, community involvement. The founders of Winnipeg Core believe that their efforts can help to improve the quality and life of all the citizens of Winnipeg.

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