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Community Orchards for Resources and Education (CORE) grows free-pick fruit in Winnipeg. The first orchard is accessible to public at The Forks. Through special events, workshops and tours, CORE reaches people from all walks of life and all ages. The orchard demonstrates gardening, pollinator protection, sustainability, food security and community building in action.


"Children in the Orchard - The Story of CORE" is currently being written and illustrated by Signe Knutson. It will be a children's resource for northern gardening, permaculture and orchard techniques. It will help pass this crucial knowledge to the next generations.  Please help us to Crowd Fund to cover the costs of production. Our goal is $10,000.00


Your donation of $25 or more will reserve a signed copy of the book.


All donations will go directly to the production of the book and any surplus will go towards CORE orchard development and free fruit for all.

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Orchard located @ The Forks between the Childrens Museum & Playground