Community Orchards For Schools

Building A Community Orchard For My School (Program)

Mission Of The Program

Is to provide the school the fundraising support and community manpower, planting fruit trees and ongoing support. Our goal is to pass down our knowledge to teachers and create strong student representatives in our community that are ambassadors overseeing the Orchard after it is completed.


Empowering youth and teaching them how to make real change in our communities builds real change!




What it takes

*Students that love to be a voice for the school and community

*Motivated to learn and lead

*Be part of the WinnipegCORE Youth Ambassador Board Of Director Program

*Be in charge of the Communities Orchard

*Helping create new partnerships, synergies and opportunities


Change starts here...with you!

Imagine what kind of future is possible when we are all part of an empowered and connected community


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