Mission Of The Program

Is to equip citizens of our community with the knowledge and skills to grow, harvest and maintain their community orchard, inspiring them and help in discovering their own sense of purpose, empowering them to further educate others in their community becoming quality sustainable stewards of our city, and our world...


What it takes

*Communities that function on trust

*Communication and risk taking

*Working together as a community participating growing, maintaining & harvesting

*Help WinnipegCORE maintaining the Community Orchard

*Be part in new partnerships and new synergies

*To observe and ensure the success of the community orchard


Change starts with you!

Imagine what kind of future is possible when we are all part of an empowered and connected community


To Sign up and become an Ambassador in our City for WinnipegCORE...you first need to register as a

full time volunteer checking off the area where it asks if you would like to become a

Community Orchard Ambassador'


Click  Here to go to the form

Community Orchard


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