Board of Directors Opportunities

We are looking for individuals that would make a good fit for the following roles:




Open Opportunities

 We are building our organizations structure and looking for qualified, energetic, community oriented volunteers.

If you are ready and eager to create good change in our community; working together as a whole; to establish a world-class educational orchard in our city than you should apply to sit on our board of directors!


Board Roles, Responsibilities, and Functions



The Board is responsible for the highest level of decision-making and legal authority in an organization. By law, it is ultimately accountable for, and has authority over, the organizations resources and activities. The board articulates and communicates the organization's vision to the membership and the community. Through policy, the board defines the parameters within which the organization will carry out its work.



  Governing boards have the ultimate responsibility for the organization's:

-Purpose, by establishing and implementing the organization's mission and vision

-Continuity, by providing continuity for managing and implementing the organization's affairs

-Progress, by setting the rate of progress that the organization takes in reaching its mission and vision

-Identity, by securing the community support and appreciation for the organization's objects, beliefs, vision,    mission, and long-term direction


Currently there are no new openings ...

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