Youth Ambassador Board Members


Youth Ambassador Board Members


Our Youth Ambassador

Board Members

Daniel McIntyre

Elmwood-East Kildonan

Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry


North Kildonan

Old Kildonan

Point Douglas

River Heights-Fort Garry

St. Norbert

St. Boniface

St. Charles

St. James-Brooklands

St. Vital


To become a WinnipegCORE Youth Ambassador Board of Directors Member you must be a student that will represent your School/Communities Orchard.


You must be selected or voted through your community/school as the chosen Youth Ambassador. The Youth Ambassador will report to the WinnipegCORE's board of directors for direction, guidance, advise and help throughout the term of the membership. You will become the voice for your community Orchard.


The Youth Ambassador must attend all youth board meetings chaired by a leader from WinnipegCORE.


An opening only becomes available once application and fundraising is in process for a new Orchard in your area/school.


This program gives ownership to the next generation of young adults giving them a chance to be proactive in the community building a greener and fruitful Winnipeg community!

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